Monday, June 1, 2009

As sent to the NEP

Dear Sir

I am the Green Party candidate for West Bridgford West and as such wish to make public something which I am sure will be obvious to anyone who thinks or cares about the environment. I fully support Phase Two of the NET expansion. No transport system is going to be perfect for everyone but everyone will benefit from the reduction in traffic an expansion of the hugely successful existing tram system will allow.

Despite my full support for the expansion, I am not blind however to the short-comings of the existing network. As things stand, the seats are not anything like as comfortable as the splendid ones in the new bus fleet as used for the No.11 busses in Lady Bay. Anyone who has not tried Public Transport recently really should have a go on one of these routes. If our trams had such seats then every-day users would have something extra to be proud of in Nottingham City. Visitors would have even more to enjoy as well. May be we could have songs written about our trams one day - it has been done before after all.

Ever since the introduction of Phase One, Easy Rider cards have carried the NET logo, but the card is still not accepted on the trams. NCT told me in a letter several years ago that this was due to a need for new equipment. A whole new tram system surely must come with new ticket machines. Lets hope they purchase enough for both phases, otherwise it can hardly be called a Network.

Simon Anthony, Nottingham Green Party