Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paris Jan 2015

If I don't like something - I don't watch it. I don't expect to have it rubbed in my face though. 
Muslims are now suffering the way Black people and Jews have done in the past as well as now. It is always easy to blame current events on identifiable 'others'. I have a sixty year old recording of my Great Grandmother saying ' the problem with this town now, is the Portuguese'. That flash has long left the pan, other issues linger longer but are just as unjustified.

Being part of the chosen hate group has only happened to me once - as an Englishman in Glasgow - and they were joking ! It was not fun. When someone gets angrily defensive about being picked on, it is because this was not the first time - after years of continual picking - the last straw may be endangering the camel's back. I could leave Glasgow, but then I'm a white, anglo-saxon, middle aged and a man. 

My point ? Free speech, yes - absolutely - but we in the west should let other societies be as free as we are. This is no excuse for violence - but could possibly be an aid in reducing youthful radicalisation.

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