Saturday, May 9, 2009

As of this morning, 8/9/2009, I am the Green Party candidate for the West Bridgfrord West area of Nottingham. Hello.

This is not my first time out, I have been standing for election since 1992, and each time my share of the vote has risen. At the last general election I almost kept our deposit ! Better news is that in Lady Bay our efforts have managed to elect first one, and then two councillors. So, it can work, it does work and it must work.

I have decided that the best way for me to get a green message out to the world is to get other people to do it - lots of them. I am just an enabler, a name on a bit of paper on June the 4th. A Green vote will say 'We want change'. If that message comes in loud enough then the other parties will have to do something Green to get 'their' votes back.

It is not my job to convince anyone of the importance of an environmentally considerate outlook on life, the universe and everything, if I have to do that then you the voter won't know what to do to actually address and fix the problems we all face. I am standing in order to give people who have faced up to the challenges and decided to be Green to get the chance to say so at the voting booth. If I can educate and inform people to be Green, then all the better!

This is not a game of First Past the Post, even though that is the way our election system works. The only hope for the future is that whoever someone is and where-ever they are - they should fix the problems they see at the time and place they see them. I don't care how it's done - as long as it IS done and done Greenly.

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