Monday, May 11, 2009

Frankly, I don't want to be elected. I would far rather someone else takes the time and effort to clean up our environmental mess. I have other things to do with my life. I have people I want to be with and things I want to do before I get too old to do them. But.. I have lived long enough to realise that unless I stand up and do something visible for the things I see then little will get done.

If I see a wrong that needs to be corrected I have always been very happy to complain about it in my kitchen or shout at the radio - and that makes me feel better for a while. Sadly that relief does not last for long. I have to shout louder and louder to get that buzz of self righteous balance back. This is not a healthy way to live.

We all live our lives doing what we can and must do - filling every minute with work or relaxation from work leaving little or no time to spare. We don't deliberately damage things or muck things up and we would all be very upset know that we had. It took a major change in my life to make me see things differently.

I moved out of London and left my job for life at the BBC to take up a more rewarding but far less stable freelancing role in Nottingham.
The pressure to change had been building up for decades and now with this final straw I made one of my first real personal life-choices. I joined the Green Party. My views had not changed. It was my understanding and the range of my view which had altered. Now that I was outside the box of London and the establishment I could see and even think outside the box.

I place no blame on myself for ever voting Conservative, or on the choice made by anyone who thinks about and researches their vote. I don't condemn Labour, LibDem or Conservatives ( if I did I would be in a very big family argument - again ). I don't do that because I know where they are coming from, I lived there.

Then why am I standing as a Green? I think that anyone who sees what I see, whether they see it out of choice because they looked for it or because they have had it forced on them by the now unavoidable facts - they will come to the same conclusions - that we have to stop doing things we way we have done them, and start doing things differently.

It does not matter who, or how, but it does have to be Green. A Green vote will tell all parties that the electorate has finally seen the problem and wants and demands action rather than words. Even if a Green vote does not get a Green elected it does show up in the figures, and these count too! A green vote is a mandate for every party to act Green!

Actuals Greens will do a far better job of it though.

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